Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter just started

Winter just started and I already found some plants I want to look for this summer. But it is so nice at this time of year to sit back and dream of flowers. We have huge beds ( a few hundred perennials) here and it is always nice to find something different to grow. We travel all over the state each summer to find new plants. This is a picture of part of our yard. I took it from our house roof. I wish I could get all the beds in one shot.. or even all of one bed in one shot. I love taking pictures of the new plants that bloom each year. We started flowerbed in 2005 at least that is when I started photographing them. It is so cool to see how things have grown. We don't have alot of lawn left. But enough for the dogs to play on. They have been pretty good about not mowing the plants down even when they go in the beds. We have 2 huge beds in the backyard, 3 smaller beds and a veggie garden. In the front we have another newer huge bed and then some shrubs along the driveway. What can I say we love our flowers.
 Plans for Auntie Gertie are coming along. I think she is going to be single (but that might change). She is going to have a sewing room with a quilt rack where she is working on a quilt. I found one at HBS but I think I can make it. An old fashioned sewing machine and other sewing things to put in there. I put in an order at HBS Hobby Builders Supply and found some things for her. The sewing machine, antique toaster, doilies, 1920's telephone, and a few things for future projects. I got the new catalog in the mail the other day. Between the catalog and internet store I could have gone broke. Coupons are great!! I love the bicycle on the front cover, but it is not one of the items for sale. Just a prop. I e-mailed them to see if they have any to sell. Not counting on it but you never know.
 I finally cleaned off my work table so there is no reason not to work on this house. I want to do flooring next. I have to make some templates and then I can start. I would like to do one fancier floor in this house. But still keep to the old farmhouse look.  So many ideas floating through this brain of mine!
 I made pumpkin bread today and was able to stay with-in Jeff's diet and mine. Gluten free for him and sugar free for me and it actually tastes great!! Next weekend I will probably have to make some more loaves of bread. He will have gone through most of what I have made so far. Maybe I will make one tomorrow just to be on the safe side.
 3 day weekend and only 1 more day to go. Weekends go way too fast.

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  1. Teresa, you are certainly a busy girl! I'd love to see more pictures of your garden and your dollhouses! Sounds like you have some great things going on over there!

    Hey, girl! I didn't realize you were in Wisconsin too! We'll have to plan for a plant outing next summer!