Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have to put in another order to HBS. LOL. I still have the 25% off coupon that is good until midnight friday. We need some noch grass for under the Bellingham. Jeff wants to get it before he starts to put the stone on the foundation. I like the floral ginger jar that I received in the mail from the last order so much that I am ordering another one in another color. Only $8.99 and it is so pretty. I am also ordering an old time washbasin. I think it will look good with fresh from the garden veggies in it. Then I had better ease off in case I get a chance to go to the Chicago International Show. I really like to see the items they have there. I can't afford alot of it, but it is fun to look. I can't believe the craftmanship of some of the pieces!! Only about 3 more months to go!! Cross your fingers that I get to go.
Well in keeping of my getting to bed earlier I will end here. Good Night, Good Night my friends until we meet again. O.K. getting slap happy now. Good Night, Teresa

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