Friday, January 8, 2010

Sunny day

Sunny day after yesterdays snow. We didn't get more then about 4 inches or so but it was so windy. Drifts were pretty high in spots. One thing about high winds is that it makes the snow storm move on a little faster!!
Jeff finished taken down the Christmas tree down yesterday. It looks so different in the livingroom not. So much more open. Not that we have a big livingroom. Nice to be back to "normal" He also went through old ornaments and is taking them to Goodwill today. They really needed to be thinned out. I think he got rid of all the dough ornament ones. Kept what is sentamenal af course. There was alot that we never used. Maybe someone else will be glad to get them. Someday maybe we'll have enough to put up what we collected together. With some sentamental ones.
I worked a little more on the Bellingham. It is really starting to come together now. I am liking how the flooring is coming out. I still want to do something different for the upper hallway. Just haven't decided what it. I will probably stain in two colors and make a pattern. I will do it on card stock in case I don't like it when I am done. Prabably some pattern in the middle beside the staircase. Now just to wrap my mind around it and come up with a pattern. Maybe even a quilt pattern. Jeff is off for 5 days so I don't know how much I will get done on it. Otherwise not a whole lot going on.

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