Thursday, January 28, 2010

Victorian Cottage Jr

O.K. yesterday I showed you the Newburg Dollhouse. Today I will show you the first dollhouse we ever did. This is the Victorian Cottage Jr. This one is before we even knew what we were doing. It turned out better then I ever dreamed it would. Also the first landscaping I did. We bashed all the windows and the door. The rest is history....the Newburg was next and then I started on the contests. Where-ever will it end!! LOL  I have to go through my albums as I don't know where the inside pictures went to. Here is what I have for now. Teresa

Here is a link to the inside pictures. I don't know why they are in there but not in my regular albums. When our computer crashed all sort of things seemed to have disappeared from my pictures albums. Lucky I have alot burned and some in photobucket. Computers can be so confusing sometimes.

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  1. The Victorian Cottage jr. is beautiful too,so full of outside details,I love the garden.Regards,Sonia