Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I have to stop

going on the computer at night that is.. I am not getting up until late morning and not getting anything doen. I work until 11:30pm and am usually on the computer until 2:00-2:30 or so. But it is so nice and quiet then. LOL We still have to take the tree down, that will happen friday when Jeff has off. He can carry the boxes better then I can. I am not to good on the stairs when I am carrying things. I know excuses, excuses. I want to make sure that we put all the ornaments that Jeff and I collected togeather in one box. Hopefully weed out alot of the old stuff. Surprising how much we collected in the 7+ years we have been married. We went bird crazy this year and collected Old World birds this year. You have to have birds on your tree for luck. We had some already, but we wanted more.  He would not agree to get the rubber chicken one though. I thought it was funny. Maybe I will sneak it in it in if I find another one. He really isn't that bad, and I could have gotten it if I really wanted it. That was just his opion on it. I'll be glad when the tree is down though. Pretty as it is I would like to get the room back in order.
 Off to work I go in another hour or so. I will be so glad when this inflamation is out of my ribs. Makes work hard, but of course things could be alot worse.
I was in the new part at work last night and they put some of the fish in the new aquarium. This thing is as big as my round kitchen table! It is so pretty. This area is for cancer patients coming in for treatment. The aquarium will be calming for them. They are also bringing down the other salt water tank for the lower level. This one is from the old cancer unit. We know already that people like that one. The new one will blow peoples socks off. PLus there is a prayer garden with a heated walkway so the snow just melts away. Plus the roof is a living one. Mostly sedums right now. People will be able to walk up there and sit and relax. I can't wait to see it when it is done. It, of course, is huge. All the plantings for all areas will be watered with run off from all the roofs and stored in a basin underground. This will be first roof top garden this far north. There are some in the lower part of the state. We have gone green long ago and this will even make us more green. The hospital has gotten awards for how green we are. Except for the new part the hospital is over 50 years old so this is saying something. This process has been so cool to watch unfold. Even the constuction company for the new part and any remodling had to agree to recycling everything possible. I forget how much they figured was kept out of the landfill. Plus all the recycling we do on a dailey basis. I just love the idea that a big company can do this.
Well, have a few thigs to get done before work. Have a Great Day.

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