Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Answered prayers

There are more tears shed over answered prayers than over unanswered prayers.

Saint Theresa of Jesus

Doesn't that sound about right. Usually we forget about about prayers that go unanswered. They seemed so important at the time, but after a while you forget about them. Usually it is because of something better happening. It seems like down the road you might remember but wonder why you prayed for it in the first place. Answered prayers most of the time are things that we REALLY needed. Even when we don't remember asking for them. They may be prayers that someone else prayed for us.
My "resolution" for this year is to be more patient and pray more. Asking God to give me what I need and not just what I want. Need meaning what would make me be a better person. That's it, just help me to be the person I was meant to be.

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