Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rainy days

It is so hard to get the inpsiration to do anything on rainy days. I did try to knit today. I got one row almost finished and then dropped a couple of stitches. I am going to start over and try to get the tention a little bit looser. But it did seem to be coming a little bit easier for me today. More practise needed though. But I really think I am getting closer to being comfortable with the size of the "needles". When I get off the computer I am going to cast on again.
We went to the casino today and did better then usual. Which means that we didn't lose as much. LOL. Actually almost won back our money that we took. For us that is GREAT! We really shouldn't go at all, but sometimes we need to get out amounst people. The band they had there was good. Nice to hear live music.
I picked out the carpet to put in the Bellinham Farmhouse Master bedroom. It is one of the discontinuded sample pieces I got from a furniture store when we bought furniture. It helped to mention dollhouses as the sales lady had some discontinued samples for her niece. She let me go through them. I used one in the livingroom. It is always nice to get free things that you can use in the dollhouses. Free is great! I am still deciding on the flooring for the hallway on the second floor. The room is big enough to put a small bench in. I still would like to do some kind of pattern on the floor. I went through my material and picked out some to make into a patchwork quilt. I have to look in my mini supplies downstairs and see what color bunka I have. I would like to do a chennil (sp?) bedspread. I remember those from my younger days. If I ever get off my butt Gertie will have alot done in her house. Hopefully tomorrow we won't go anywhere and I can get some of these projects done. At least I can dream about them. LOL! I saw some pictures of Shabby Chic that I like. I never thought I would like that style, but it seems to be growing on me. Not in the Bellingham though. Maybe a smaller house. Maybe even a contest piece. I will have to think about it some more and see what I can come up with. The next HBS contest is a small house.
O,K, off my butt now and get a few things together for these projects.

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