Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mahjongg and miniature order.

How many of you play this on the computer. My DH just picked up a game to upload onto the computer. Now I have some harder ones to do. Called brain games. I think it is relaxing to play this game even the hard ones at least harder then the one that is on our computer. Not saying that I am a whiz at it or anything, but something to stimulate my brain.
I just love this picture. So peaceful and serene. It would be such a nice place to sit and dream.

 My HBS order came today. Now Gertie has her own old fashioned toaster and telephone. Very nice ones. I was pleasantly surprised on how nice they were. Especially since they were so reasonable in  price. She also has her sewing machine on the stand and a pair of boots for gardening. Her house is coming along slowly, but surely. I still want to make a quilting frame with a quilt in progress. I need to find another chair for the livingroom yet. I only have a couch so far. I am leaning towards a rocker but not sure yet. Nothing has really caught my eye. I also have a piano in the room and am thinking about a fireplace. I did get a few other things also. But they are for future projects. Yes, I really am working on it.
We went grocery shopping today and it was a mad house! I don't know if it was because of the football game tomorrow or just a typical saturday but it was nuts. I don't like shopping in that kind of mess. Being short doesn't help. Even the bookstore was busy. You can tell that winter is here. People are finding things to do inside.
It was a good day though. Except for the stores it was a relaxing at home kind of day.
Now that the Christmas tree and everything is put away the livingroom looks big. Funny how much smaller it looked with the tree in there. Not that the room is large but it looks less crowded now. 
Well i guess I had better tottle of to bed as it is 1:30am. Hugs, Teresa

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