Friday, January 15, 2010

What a week!

With the grand opening at work stress levels have been high. VIP's got to go today, tomorrow is employees and sat is for the public. I will be glad when we go back to "normal". But it is a beautiful building!
I hemmed 2 pair of scrubs for work today. Darn short legs. Usually Walmart has "petite" which is petite in shorter legs for bigger size people. My husband says that that is an oxymoron (sp) as I wear an extra large. But I hate tight clothes anyway as I do a lot of stooping, squating, bending, stretching, etc. in my job. Scrubs don't stretch!
It was so nice out today. It is almost 2AM and it is 27 degrees. There were alot of puddles out there. This is our January thaw. At least we get rid of some of the snow before we hit the storms of Feb and March. Makes room for more snow. LOL.
Jeff was watching a program on the white deer herds of Wisconsin on PBS. They have a website for their program and Jeff showed it to me when I got home from work. They are really beautiful! Even the antler velvet is white. Did you know that not all albinos have pink eyes? like everything else there are variations. They must be a surprise when you aren't expecting to see them!! I thought they were rare, but there are at least 2 large herds in northern Wisconsin. I wonder why that area has so many?
One of the girls at work found a samle book of vinyl tile in the garbage at work.She saved it for me. I think I will be able to use it to make patterned floors in the dollhouse. There are alot of colors, Each one is big enough to use in a small room, but I can stretch them out to do bigger rooms as long as I use a couple of colors to make a pattern or make a border or insert in the design. There are about 15 sheets with a different color on each side, so I have alot to mix and match. I thought they might be a little thick. But when I got them home they are just as thick as the ones I bought from The Greenleaf Dollhouse Store. Which I might add has a fabulous forum. (Greenleaf Dollhouses)
Well, with keeping with my new resolution I will end here and get to bed.

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