Wednesday, September 29, 2010

vacumn herding

He is getting serious! As you can tell in the last picture he has a hold on it. He can lift the vacumn and drag it across the floor! It makes for some fun If you are in a hurry you have to lock him outside. We had just clipped his claws and when we were done he ran over and started pulling the vacumn out into the room. He knows that we always vacumn after combing his hair and clipping his nails. He is a goofy dog.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Look what I found!

They had these at JoAnn's Fabric for something like $4.99. I think I am going to use mine as a Christmas display. Plastic paint can that opens on the top. Just like the metal ones. I think it is kind of neat. I also found a necklace piece that I can use for a picture and a bird cage in the jewlery parts dept.
I am finally feeling better. I am not light headed so much. At least I don't feel like I am going to fall on my face whenever I stand or move my head around. Vertigo is not fun. I slept in the last couple of days and that probably helped also. I see the Dr on tuesday and then will probably be going back to work. I still can't be on the computer for long periods of time though.
I worked on my butterfly for the Holocaust Museaum. I don't have to much to do on it yet. I like the colors I did it in. I will show it to you when I get it finished. If you haven't heard of this project go back a few posts and I have a post all about it. Or you can go to The Houston Holocaust Museum for more information. I never even knew that there was a musuem like this in the states. Someday I would like to go to Texas and see this.
Anyway I just had to should you my find. Hugs, Teresa

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Won't be here for a few days 5 hours in ER

I was in the ER for 5 hours last night. after all the tests (blood, urine, EKG) they came up with vertigo and gastritis. Today my eyes are very sensitive and being on the computer is hard. I will be off work until at least next tues when I see my regular Dr. He wants the pills to start working and in case I have problems over the weekend. I never had this before. It's the pits. All I want to do today is rest. I was tested for heart, kidney, liver problems, and infection. Thank God those all came out good. I was like this since last friday and was getting worse. I work at a hospital  (housekeeping) and a co-worker who does ekg's took me to the ER and had a nurse check my blood pressure. It was 170 something over 86. The nurse told me that I really should go through triage and have a dr check me out as this was already 6 days of being sick like this. I sure didn't think I would be there for 5 hours!
So I will try to read your blogs when I can, but if I don't leave comments it's not because I don't care. Today I can only stand to be on the computer for short times.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Busy Sunday organizing miniatures

Look it is clean and organized! How long will it last? The material on the far right side needs to be done yet. You can't see that part of the closet in this picture. I sorted all the accesorries into plastic compartment containers. Kitchen, bathroom, misc., etc. I sorted out a few things into boxes that go into the projects that I am working on now. Cabin and Aunt Gerties Farmhouse (Bellingham). I forgot about some of the things that I have so it was a nice surprise to find them. I have a few things in a box in the basement to sort out yet into the right containers. Then they will be up here with the rest. I also sorted some of my material, lace and ribbon. I still have to go through my Christmas material, etc. I don't have much of that though. On the floor in front of the closet is a box of book (novels). a few pieces of material that I won't use, etc that I will drop off at Good Will. I have alot of miniature magazine on the secon shelf up htat I might give away or packed away. That is the problem as I do go through them once in awhile, but how many times can you read them. The next shelf over I have some book written by Beverly Lewis. I have all the ones that she has written. I am going to go through those and put them into series and drop them off at a shelter or somewhere where someone else will enjoy them. But I have to see if I got all of them back from my sister yet. They are all written in 3-4 book series. All about the Amish. Fiction but she grew up in Amish area and have alot of Amish facts. I love the books. A new one comes out this week. Starting with her very first book is good though as they are more about the older Amish. Each series becomes more modern.  This isn't a book review, just got carried away. I also put all my smaller flowers into 2 dresser drawers. Longer stems in one and shorter stems in another. I had cut all the stems down though as they are silk flowers and I don't need all the stem length. I kept some leaves as I might be able to use those.
I also picked up material that I am planning on using in my contribution for the Butterfly Project. Hopefully what I plan will work out. You can see what this is about at my blog a few posts ago.
Well supper is ready. Guess I will go eat.
I hope everyone had a good weekend. Hugs, Teresa