Sunday, February 28, 2010

Well I got something done today

I actually got the HBS contest building into dry fit. Now to decide what I want to make it into. I have one idea so far. I think I want to make a winter scene. But I will let it stay in dry fit and live with it until I really decide. Then the lips will be locked until I enter it in the contest in December. Not that it will be a big deal, but I want to have something to tease everyone with....LOL. Just wanted to show you that I can actually get something done lately.
 We also picked out the paint for the bathroom. A very light pink. But it makes the granite pop. We went to The Home Depot and tried different paint sample cards next to it. This one seemed to be the best. We couldn't go with a dark color as the room is small. Pink isn't my favorite color, but I like soft pink or mauve, just not the brighter pinks between these two colors. The "kid" at the paint counter was rude. He told us that we have to use a oil based primer because we had wallpaper on the walls. Even though we get all the wallpaper paste off he said that the paint would still buckle. We tried to tell him that we already primed and painted two rooms that had wallpaper and didn't have a problem. One was done 4-5 years ago and one about 2 weeks ago. We would have gone somewhere else but it was already 6:45 and all the home do it yourself stores closed at 7. We always prep our walls well. Wallpaper paste remover, and 3 different kinds of rinces. He also argued with another customer. But at least we have the paint now so that is all water under the bridge. Jeff and I work opposite shifts until saturday. He has wed. and saturday off so he will probably work on getting the paste off on wed. The bathroom will probably be our last indoor home improvement for this year.
I also want to show you a picture of the closet I have for craft supply storage. Get ready it needs to be organized again. All the smallest minis are in small plastic containers with deviders that are labled for each room and one with  mini landscaping supplies. It's the rest that needs organizing. LOL.  This is one of my areas. We took the closet doors off and put two shelving units in there. The second picture is a bookcase that I bought at a yard sale for $8.00. But even with that closet I have minis everywhere. The computer desk has supplies on top, the work table is always a mess, the closet in the computer/craft room has another smaller shelving unit that holds my paint and tools, ect. Plus we have a 6' table that holds my dollhouse neighborhood (2 houses on it so far) in the basement with storage underneth. Some how most of that has migrated upstairs though. I should really work down there but it isn't as comfortable. Nicer to be upstairs where there is natural light.

Anyway at least I got a couple of things done today. Still feeling like this flu is never going to end, but at least I didn't sleep all day like yesterday.
Well talking about getting sleep I guess I should get some shut eye. Have a great week everyone, Teresa

Saturday, February 27, 2010

This and that kind of day

Blinkles Boulevard: *FREE Treasures* and some new designs!#comments

Janee at Blinkies Boulavard is having a giveaway of the most amazing pieces of art. These tiny treasures are so wonderful. You have to see her fairey nests and wish bottles. I don't know how to put her giveaway picture on here so I just added the link.

Man the flu sucks...opps, but it does. I am so happy to be able to go to all these blogs and read everyones fasinating thoughts and art work. It takes me to a happy place where I don't dwell on how crappy I feel.
I really haven't done much this week. I did finally get my HBS kit. Hopefully I will feel like putting it into dry fit tomorrow. Also get started on the curtains for the kitchen. But when I feel sick things don't seem to go as planned. I don't want to make mistakes with the material. But it will be nice to get curtains up again. I did sleep most of the day. I must have really needed it as I don't usually do that. But tomorrow is another day.
I can't believe that March will be here in a couple of days. Closer to spring!!! I shouldn't wish my time away, but I find it so exciting to see what pops out of the ground each spring. We have huge flowerbeds so I am always anxious to see if we lost anything over winter. It is such an exciting time of the year.
I think I will spend the rest of the evening resting, maybe get the kit out and at least look at it. Read the instuctions. Then start planning what I want to do with it for the contest. Maybe a winter scene. But of course I never know until I at least get it into dry fit. Have a great evening everyone. Teresa

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A few more

Here are some more pieces I had picked up at the consignment shop. The picture is 3D and isn't really Tuscan but I like it. I had the shelf already. I am thinking of putting saucers on the shelf and hanging cups under the shelf. The shelf isn't deep enough for the cups.

I also bought these. I need to get a plate holder yet to hang it up. The plaque has a hook in the bottom. It's called a wine hook.  The vase Isn't really Tuscan, but like the picture above I just love it. It also matches the color of the wall paint. I am still looking for a picture for the other side of the hutch.

Now we have started on the bathroom. Walls still have to be washed down to get the wallpaper paste off. We pretty much decided to go with a very light lilac. I think it will go good with the new counter top. Jeff took the rest of the wallpaper off tonight when I was at work. He also took the baseboards and door molding off so that we can match it to the hallway flooring. We will probably sand down the door and resatain it to match. Also will do the window trim. All we need yet is a cabnet for over the sink. This house is getting more and more to our style. Plus UPDATED! Little by little we will get the remaining rooms done. It will take awhile, but we aren't going anywhere.
Well time to hit the bed. Good night or good day by the time you read this.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Consignment shop, Bellingham Farmhouse

Well the consignment shop that I was thinking about going to has closed. I didn't get to any others so I still need a picture. But it doesn't have to be right at this moment. Half the fun is in the hunt. HMMM if I leave early to go to the Drs office tomorrow I could stop at the first one I went to. It is only about a mile or so away from there.
We bought the vanity, sink and toilet and faucets today for the bathroom. Granite top on the vanity. The store had an excellent sale. No more blue sink and toilet! The bath tub is still blue but the shower curtain covers most of it. Now we can start taking the wall paper off. Then we will be done on the inside of the house, at least for this year. Another month and we can start working a little outside. We want to build an arbor. Nothing too fancy, but strong. Other then mulch we don't have any other big project planned. Then we can plan our yearly road trips to nurseries. We love to go out and see what's new. Nice to get away for the day.
Jeff put the "grass" under the Bellingham Farmhouse today. He wanted to do that before he works on the foundation and makes the house even heavier. We have the stone and morter here. An HBS buy we made last fall. He just needs time to work on it. This winter has been going fast as we were so busy.
I still haven't gotten my HBS contest build kit yet. It was sent out the 11th so it should be here soon. I would like to make a list of things I want to look for when we go to the Chicago International Show in April. One thing on my list will be to scout out the lady who had the Rageddy Ann and Andy's. I would like to get a few more. I hope she is there. I don't see them in mini much. I can't wait to go as that kind of kicks off spring.
Well another busy weekend gone, back to work tomorrow.  Hugs, Teresa

Friday, February 19, 2010


I am still waiting to get my next contest piece from Hobby Builder's Supply. When you enter you get the next years project free, It was sent out on the 7th and it is now the 18th. Hopefully it will get here soon. I don't know why I am so anxious as it isn't due until  Dec, I just want to get it into dry fit so that I can start getting ideas, or see if the one I have will be the one I will actually enter. Getting it together even with tape lets me see how big the kit is and if there is any bashing (alterations) I want to do. I am still working on the Bellingham Farmhouse. But slowly this week as I am getting a bad cold and am just making it to work. I feel so drained. Then in the next month or so The Greenleaf Company will announce their spring Fling. Another contest. That one you do have to pay for. But not a big amount. I will see if I like that kit or not to see if I will enter. Now that I am full-time at work I don't have as much time for crafts. Lucky I like my job.  Plus I still have to make the curtains for my RL kitchen. I also want to check out another consignment shop. I need one more picture for the right side of the hutch. I can't believe that I found so many Tuscan themed items at the first 2 consignment shops I went to. I really am loving my Tuscan themed kitchen. It is completely different then the themes I had used before. Wonder what else I can find this weekend? I am excited to go hunting again. Well off to bed I go. Need my beauty sleep you know. Teresa

Monday, February 15, 2010

TA DA.....

I put the new pieces on the hutch and one picture on the wall...still need another one for the other side. (and put the other plaque on the right side).  It is hard to tell in the pictures that the wall is light green. We actually have a sunny day and the light is coming through the patio door. It's not finished yet but getting there. Then I can decide if I want to do anything to the other side of the room. Kitchen part. Canisters, etc. My floor chef is back on the floor by the aquarium. I will have to look around and see if I find anything. The pictures aren't the best, but you get the idea. But with the Chicago International Miniature show coming up I might have to cool it for awhile.  But here is a picture. The dish set inside the hutch is one that came from his grandma.


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Now that the kitchen is painted I can start placing all the new items I bought for it. It looks so nice and fresh now. Just have to sew the curtains. Once I have things placed I will be able to see how much more room I have for more Tuscan treasures. I still need one more picture for the other side of the hutch. But the hunt is so much fun...
I will take pictures when I have it all together or at least when I get the curtains finished. I just love the minty green walls. I know if I were going true Tuscan I would sponge a darker green over the mint green to make the walls look old. But I will stick with the mint color. Jeff did a wonderful job of painting. I am so glad that the wallpaper didn't give me a fight. But it pulled off in big pieces for once. Lucky me. Only 2 more rooms have wallpaper. I would also like to get rid of the carpet in the computer/craft room. Very old and ugly, but one thing at a time. We're not sure what we want to put in here yet. We are leaning towards vinyl. Sure would be nice and easy to clean and easier to find the minis that I happen to drop on the floor. LOL. But that is for another time. Too many projects, too little money. But bit by bit we are getting things done. I think that saving up and doing things when we can makes it more interesting and fun.
I did do a little miniature work today.I glued the treads and spindles on the staircase. But at least I did something miniature.
I should be getting the HBS contest build soon. According to Hobby Builder's Supply it was sent out on the 8th of feb. I can't wait to get it into dry fit as then I can see if my idea will work out.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Tuscan

Today I picked up the crock that I was debating on yesterday. I also picked up a basket with apples in it that has grapes painted on the side.
 I also put fruit in one of the pieces I bought yesterday. I think it needs a little something in the middle yet. Not sure what yet. I am thinking either some blak olives sticking up here and there or another piece of fruit. I am thinking if anything just a few small pieces here and there. Something to break up the yellow, green and orange.

Here are the 2 pieces I picked up today. I am not sure if I will add more fruit to the box or just use the box. It is going to be on top of the hutch and if I don't add fruit the fruit won't be seen. I might just use the box though as I like the picture of the grapes and adding fruit may take away from the painting. Any suggestions for the 2 questions I have. More fruit or something in the bowl/urn and what about the box?
This is the material and fringe. The fringe will go on top. I bought piping to go on the bottom. The material was 1/2 off and I had a 40% coupon for the fringe. There will also be enough left over for either place mats or a round piece for the middle of the table. We have a round table. Not sure what I want to do yet. I will have to see just how much material I have left. I think I will have a yard and a 1/2 left over if not more. I bought extra in case I need to match the pattern.
Have I mentioned that I love sales, coupons and consignments shops? I saved alot at the fabric store and the consignment shop. I think the paint cost more then anything else put together. But then again we have a gallon off paint left over. We might do the hallway yet. It won't go to waste.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tuscan Shopping

I went to a couple of consignment places today and bought a few items for our almost painted kitchen. The final coat should go on tomorrow. I had fun going through and finding things that went together. Not easy when you go to a couple of different places and  and can't remember all that you bought at the first place. I also bought 2 bunches of grapes to go in the pot. I will have to get other things to put in it of course to make an arraingement.
It is so nice out today. Perfect day to run around. Here are a couple of pictures to show you what I found. the clear bottle in the middle has a silver hummingbird on a cork stopper.

I am still thinking about a crockery jug that I saw at the last place. It would look nice on the floor by the hutch.
Anyway it was a fun day. Teresa

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well it is going good

The walls are free of wallpaper, paste and scrubbed down. We have almost everything taped off. Now he can start priming. We had the primer tinted the same color as the paint so I should have green walls by the time I get home from work. Even if it is only primer. Yeah! Jeff had two days off so he was able to get pretty far. I just helped by taking the wallpaper off and taping the edges of cupboards, etc. I can't wait to see the new look! But have to go to work soon so that will have to wait. It "warmed" up enough here that he can open the windows a little ways to air out the room. Still cold, but at least not under 0 degrees F!
Can't wait until tonight! Teresa

Monday, February 8, 2010

My name is Buttercup Elffrost

Your fairy is called Buttercup Elffrost

She is a cheerful sprite.

She lives in clover fields where fairy rings grow.

She is only seen during the first snow of winter.

She wears bright clover green. She has delicate green wings like a cicada
This is funny as I LOVE green!
You can get your free fairy name at:

We are ready!!!!

We are ready to start on the kitchen! We bought the primer, and paint (mint cream) a light green. I think it will look nice and fresh. When Jeff was in the other room I expermented on how easy the wallpaper will come off. Two large strips came off in one piece. Floor to ceiling. Yeah!
I also bought the material for the curtains. Enough for the window over the sink and the window in the door. It is in a Tuscan print. Which was on sale for 50% off. Yeah again! I also bought some fancy fringe for the top with all the colors that are in the fabric. I had a 40% off coupon for that. I made sure that I bought enough material so that I could also make placemats to tie everything together. I think I may have bought enough material to make other things to decorate with. I get carried away at times. But a lined basket would be nice on the hutch. Filled with Tuscan type things. Or a basket made from the material. Haven't decided yet.
I can't wait to see this come together as the paper was so old and dated. I like antiques, but this didn't fall into that catagorie. The patio curtain is a cream color. HMMMM would'nt a fabric covered cornice look good up there???
I did not know that there were SO MANY shades of light green! It took awhile to find the exact one that we liked. Just subtle differences, but when you held them together you could tell them apart. Some had too much of a hint of blue, some too much of a hint of yellow, etc.
I was surprised that Jeff wanted a color at all as he is usually the one that wants an off white on every wall. He wants to do the bathroom also. At least take the wallpaper off and paint it. The tub, etc are blue though so I don't know what we will do in there. That might have to be white with maybe a border. But that probably won't be for awhile anyway. It won't be long until the outdoors calls. Hopefully anyway.
Otherwise it was a weekend of relaxation. Mostly only did what we had to.
Have a great day everyone, Teresa
Next morning: All the wallpaper is down. It came off so easily that it took me about 10 minutes to finish what was left. 1 full wall, 1/4 wall around and on top of the patio door. 1/4 of a wall on the side of the fridge, around door to garage and over the window above the sink. So there wasn't alot. But if it would have been like the master bedroom I would be lucky to get anywhere before I had to go to work!! I never had paper come off this easily. It looks so much brighter in there already. Teresa

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fall 7 times

Fall seven times, stand up eight.

- Japanese Proverb

O.K. I am done with the pity party I had yesterday. My contest building didn't even get honorable mention. But I am all ready for the next build. Bring it on. It should be shipped today. So I should get it either theis weekend or early next week. Actually I think this is my fourth contest, but I think the quote says it all. Keep on trying. But at least I am trying new techniques. I can wait to put the kit in dry fit to see what it wants to be. I have one idea so far. But it will have to wait until I get the kit to see if it is what I want to try. The Bellingham is probably screaming....WHAT ABOUT ME??? But I am still jazzed about working on that one also. Now that ideas are flowing again. I think I have decided on the floor pattern in the second floor hallway. Pretty easy but different then i usually do. She is coming along.
Mini hug, Teresa