Thursday, February 25, 2010

A few more

Here are some more pieces I had picked up at the consignment shop. The picture is 3D and isn't really Tuscan but I like it. I had the shelf already. I am thinking of putting saucers on the shelf and hanging cups under the shelf. The shelf isn't deep enough for the cups.

I also bought these. I need to get a plate holder yet to hang it up. The plaque has a hook in the bottom. It's called a wine hook.  The vase Isn't really Tuscan, but like the picture above I just love it. It also matches the color of the wall paint. I am still looking for a picture for the other side of the hutch.

Now we have started on the bathroom. Walls still have to be washed down to get the wallpaper paste off. We pretty much decided to go with a very light lilac. I think it will go good with the new counter top. Jeff took the rest of the wallpaper off tonight when I was at work. He also took the baseboards and door molding off so that we can match it to the hallway flooring. We will probably sand down the door and resatain it to match. Also will do the window trim. All we need yet is a cabnet for over the sink. This house is getting more and more to our style. Plus UPDATED! Little by little we will get the remaining rooms done. It will take awhile, but we aren't going anywhere.
Well time to hit the bed. Good night or good day by the time you read this.

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  1. What lovely items you are finding! I love the little vase especially.