Monday, February 8, 2010

We are ready!!!!

We are ready to start on the kitchen! We bought the primer, and paint (mint cream) a light green. I think it will look nice and fresh. When Jeff was in the other room I expermented on how easy the wallpaper will come off. Two large strips came off in one piece. Floor to ceiling. Yeah!
I also bought the material for the curtains. Enough for the window over the sink and the window in the door. It is in a Tuscan print. Which was on sale for 50% off. Yeah again! I also bought some fancy fringe for the top with all the colors that are in the fabric. I had a 40% off coupon for that. I made sure that I bought enough material so that I could also make placemats to tie everything together. I think I may have bought enough material to make other things to decorate with. I get carried away at times. But a lined basket would be nice on the hutch. Filled with Tuscan type things. Or a basket made from the material. Haven't decided yet.
I can't wait to see this come together as the paper was so old and dated. I like antiques, but this didn't fall into that catagorie. The patio curtain is a cream color. HMMMM would'nt a fabric covered cornice look good up there???
I did not know that there were SO MANY shades of light green! It took awhile to find the exact one that we liked. Just subtle differences, but when you held them together you could tell them apart. Some had too much of a hint of blue, some too much of a hint of yellow, etc.
I was surprised that Jeff wanted a color at all as he is usually the one that wants an off white on every wall. He wants to do the bathroom also. At least take the wallpaper off and paint it. The tub, etc are blue though so I don't know what we will do in there. That might have to be white with maybe a border. But that probably won't be for awhile anyway. It won't be long until the outdoors calls. Hopefully anyway.
Otherwise it was a weekend of relaxation. Mostly only did what we had to.
Have a great day everyone, Teresa
Next morning: All the wallpaper is down. It came off so easily that it took me about 10 minutes to finish what was left. 1 full wall, 1/4 wall around and on top of the patio door. 1/4 of a wall on the side of the fridge, around door to garage and over the window above the sink. So there wasn't alot. But if it would have been like the master bedroom I would be lucky to get anywhere before I had to go to work!! I never had paper come off this easily. It looks so much brighter in there already. Teresa

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