Saturday, February 27, 2010

This and that kind of day

Blinkles Boulevard: *FREE Treasures* and some new designs!#comments

Janee at Blinkies Boulavard is having a giveaway of the most amazing pieces of art. These tiny treasures are so wonderful. You have to see her fairey nests and wish bottles. I don't know how to put her giveaway picture on here so I just added the link.

Man the flu sucks...opps, but it does. I am so happy to be able to go to all these blogs and read everyones fasinating thoughts and art work. It takes me to a happy place where I don't dwell on how crappy I feel.
I really haven't done much this week. I did finally get my HBS kit. Hopefully I will feel like putting it into dry fit tomorrow. Also get started on the curtains for the kitchen. But when I feel sick things don't seem to go as planned. I don't want to make mistakes with the material. But it will be nice to get curtains up again. I did sleep most of the day. I must have really needed it as I don't usually do that. But tomorrow is another day.
I can't believe that March will be here in a couple of days. Closer to spring!!! I shouldn't wish my time away, but I find it so exciting to see what pops out of the ground each spring. We have huge flowerbeds so I am always anxious to see if we lost anything over winter. It is such an exciting time of the year.
I think I will spend the rest of the evening resting, maybe get the kit out and at least look at it. Read the instuctions. Then start planning what I want to do with it for the contest. Maybe a winter scene. But of course I never know until I at least get it into dry fit. Have a great evening everyone. Teresa


  1. Get well soon Teresa and all the best with the Kit. I have an award for U on my blog :)

  2. Teresa, you're the BEST! Thank you for mentioning my giveaway! I'm not sure how everyone does so well getting readers to their blogs, but I seem to have a hard time with it! LOL Thank you.