Monday, February 15, 2010


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Now that the kitchen is painted I can start placing all the new items I bought for it. It looks so nice and fresh now. Just have to sew the curtains. Once I have things placed I will be able to see how much more room I have for more Tuscan treasures. I still need one more picture for the other side of the hutch. But the hunt is so much fun...
I will take pictures when I have it all together or at least when I get the curtains finished. I just love the minty green walls. I know if I were going true Tuscan I would sponge a darker green over the mint green to make the walls look old. But I will stick with the mint color. Jeff did a wonderful job of painting. I am so glad that the wallpaper didn't give me a fight. But it pulled off in big pieces for once. Lucky me. Only 2 more rooms have wallpaper. I would also like to get rid of the carpet in the computer/craft room. Very old and ugly, but one thing at a time. We're not sure what we want to put in here yet. We are leaning towards vinyl. Sure would be nice and easy to clean and easier to find the minis that I happen to drop on the floor. LOL. But that is for another time. Too many projects, too little money. But bit by bit we are getting things done. I think that saving up and doing things when we can makes it more interesting and fun.
I did do a little miniature work today.I glued the treads and spindles on the staircase. But at least I did something miniature.
I should be getting the HBS contest build soon. According to Hobby Builder's Supply it was sent out on the 8th of feb. I can't wait to get it into dry fit as then I can see if my idea will work out.

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