Sunday, February 28, 2010

Well I got something done today

I actually got the HBS contest building into dry fit. Now to decide what I want to make it into. I have one idea so far. I think I want to make a winter scene. But I will let it stay in dry fit and live with it until I really decide. Then the lips will be locked until I enter it in the contest in December. Not that it will be a big deal, but I want to have something to tease everyone with....LOL. Just wanted to show you that I can actually get something done lately.
 We also picked out the paint for the bathroom. A very light pink. But it makes the granite pop. We went to The Home Depot and tried different paint sample cards next to it. This one seemed to be the best. We couldn't go with a dark color as the room is small. Pink isn't my favorite color, but I like soft pink or mauve, just not the brighter pinks between these two colors. The "kid" at the paint counter was rude. He told us that we have to use a oil based primer because we had wallpaper on the walls. Even though we get all the wallpaper paste off he said that the paint would still buckle. We tried to tell him that we already primed and painted two rooms that had wallpaper and didn't have a problem. One was done 4-5 years ago and one about 2 weeks ago. We would have gone somewhere else but it was already 6:45 and all the home do it yourself stores closed at 7. We always prep our walls well. Wallpaper paste remover, and 3 different kinds of rinces. He also argued with another customer. But at least we have the paint now so that is all water under the bridge. Jeff and I work opposite shifts until saturday. He has wed. and saturday off so he will probably work on getting the paste off on wed. The bathroom will probably be our last indoor home improvement for this year.
I also want to show you a picture of the closet I have for craft supply storage. Get ready it needs to be organized again. All the smallest minis are in small plastic containers with deviders that are labled for each room and one with  mini landscaping supplies. It's the rest that needs organizing. LOL.  This is one of my areas. We took the closet doors off and put two shelving units in there. The second picture is a bookcase that I bought at a yard sale for $8.00. But even with that closet I have minis everywhere. The computer desk has supplies on top, the work table is always a mess, the closet in the computer/craft room has another smaller shelving unit that holds my paint and tools, ect. Plus we have a 6' table that holds my dollhouse neighborhood (2 houses on it so far) in the basement with storage underneth. Some how most of that has migrated upstairs though. I should really work down there but it isn't as comfortable. Nicer to be upstairs where there is natural light.

Anyway at least I got a couple of things done today. Still feeling like this flu is never going to end, but at least I didn't sleep all day like yesterday.
Well talking about getting sleep I guess I should get some shut eye. Have a great week everyone, Teresa


  1. I'll be eager to see what you do with the little HBS contest house! I was so tempted to join in but have so many other unfinished projects, I tried to be sensible. Sounds like you are making great progress on your life sized home!


  2. Oh girl...can't wait to see you you do with this contest!!!!

    Thank you for stopping in and for your SWEET comment left for me. Cottage decor RULES! Yeah!


  3. it is looking great...can't wait to see how it turns out.

    I had a similar experience with a kid on the paint counter this weekend too...he had no idea what a tester pot was lol.

    Hope you feel better soon.