Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hi again

I feel like I am neglecting my blog lately. But there really hasn't been much going on.
The HBS building is in dry fit yet. Trying to do some research and picking out what colors I want to paint it. Greenleaf dollhouses has also thrown out a hint about what the Spring Fling contest piece will be. They only showed a door so far. But it is laser cut which should make it interesting. I was only thinking about doing one contest this year, but I am now getting excited to see what Greenleaf has come up with.
Our vanity is now gone. Jeff took it out today. Tomorrow is the big garbage day for us. Once a month we can put out something like a pile that is 4"x4'x2'. So he took the vanity apart to make it small enough to go out there. Otherwise our garbage goes out in tall bins on wheels.Then the truck comes along and lifts and dumps it, the trucks have arms that hug the bin and lifts and dumps into the top of the truck. I know alot of you probably have this already. So we don't have a vanity/sink for a few days. He put the new vanity and sink, etc together in the computer room. It looks so nice and modern. After this weekend we should have a nice fresh looking bathroom.
I hope everyone hops over to http//
She is having a giveaway and the prize is a surprise that will be made with the winners tastes in mind. Doesn't that sound intreging?
Everyone have a great day, Teresa

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  1. Hi Theresa!

    Your house looks fabulous! Can't wait to see it painted. Do share when you can!

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. They mean so much!