Saturday, March 13, 2010


We had fog 5 days this week! I don't remember having so many days in a row with fog. Especially dense fog. Hazy out today but at least you can see across the road. It must be this wind we have today that finally blew the fog away. Next week will be in the 50's so that will seem like a heat wave. It was in the 40's this week. But alot of the snow has melted and the daffadils are starting to come up!! Some of the perennials are also greening up. I guess spring is on it's way!! Of course it is still March so we still get some snow, but it won't last. We had a pretty mild winter.
I decided to do one contest this year.I just don't have the time to do 2 without stress. I will do the HBS one. I have more time before it is due to be done. I might buy the Greenleaf one depending on the price as I want to do a garage for one of the houses some day. This kit would go well with one of the farmhouses. But like I said it will depend on the price. But it is laser cut. So that would be interesting. I have never put a laser cut house together. Everyone says that they are a treat to put together.
The bathroom is done except for hooking up the vanity sink and oh yeah and the trim around the window, door and baseboards.  The pink walls are a little more pink then I expected, but they go well with the peachy pink in the shower curtain. There is also a steel blue which goes well with the blue bathtub. Not that you see a real lot of the blue on the tub, but it all tying in good. Now to decorate!! I am happy with it. The shower curtain has sea shells on it, so a beachy theme sounds good. We have a sea turtle picture done with 3 tiles and framed that will go back in there. I think a cute beach pail with rolled towels would be cute, not sure yet though. I will have to look around. It's a small bathroom so I can't do alot and it will depend of what kind of cabnet we put over the sink. We looked today but haven't decided on one yet. I will also get a few pretty sea shells somewhere. Probably a craft store. Lake Michigan is near, but we don't get really good shells there. Wouldn't you know I had a box a long time ago of shells that I gave to my nephew. I am talking years ago!!  Oh well I know that Hobby Lobby carries some.
O. K. I just got back from Hobby Lobby and picked up some sea shells, now to decide on what to put them in. I think I have a pretty basket. Any ideas to go with the beach theme?
Well I had better get a few things done, Teresa


  1. Here in the south, we sometimes have tornadoes during the transition from winter into spring. And I have had a terrible barometric pressure headache for two days as our weather keeps changing! It's been in the mid-60's here this week!


  2. we rarely have fog, so, of course, i love it.
    grass is greener kind of thing.

    your project sounds awesome.
    good luck with it.