Friday, March 26, 2010

Auntie Gertie etter not be bored anymore!!

Aunt Gertie can't complain to much as she has a lot to do now. She has her radio which may be moved into the hallway to make room for a chair, her new t.v, her piano and her violin. Her new purse is also by the couch. She seems pleased to have something to do. She has had all this since sunday and is still petting her new t.v. She is so happy to not have to go to the neighbors to watch her soaps. She also teaches piano to bring in a little money. Now to get her away from the t.v. long enough for her to get a few things done. Being ONE of the firstAnother chair is in the works. People have to have a place to sit down. Yes! Gertie in time.  to actually have a t.v. I am sure she will have guests over to show it off!


  1. I'm sure Aunt Gertie has less time to complain at the moment, she has some nice new things to keep her occupied.

  2. Tia Gertis, Debe de estar encantada, con tantas cosas nuevas, y la radio, por que le supueste Hará mucha compañia.

  3. Good for Aunt Gertie, that she will be kept occupied! LOL! Wonderful details.


  4. Oh what a fun blog, I have alway's loved little mini thing's they are so cute. Oh thank you so much for your wise comment's, I really appreciate you and your friendship, I hope it will continue to grow.
    Love ya,Debbie