Monday, March 22, 2010

I feel like being goofy

So I am going to use this background for a little while. It makes me smile.
I monkey'd around on the contest house. I glued the walls together. Now I can start cutting the wood for the siding I am using. Of course I can't show pictures of that one until Dec.

Can you tell that Aunt Gertie is getting a little impatient with me. I really need to work on the Bellingham and make her happy again. I did find a purse for her (actually a jewlery finding) that I think will be her style. Maybe I should give it to her to make her happy and to show her that I am thinking about her. She is getting tired of living in a half finished house. I will get her TV out of the box so that she can watch her soap operas.
I think maybe it is time to get some shut eye, the monkeys are influencing my thoughts...LOL. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Aunt Gertie is wonderful! We will be working on Joanna's house next week during spring break.


  2. Those monkeys are rather influential! LOL
    I love Aunt Gertie! She might like to bake a few cookies too! (She looks like the cookie baker type)