Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ain't she cute-Doll

This is the Marsha Backstrom 1 inch scale doll that we bought at the Bishop International show in Chicago.I love Raggetty Ann and Andy's so she fits in well. I just love her. We had to wait for her as we didn't have our checkbook and had to send her a check. She was nice enough to save her for us. Our little girl arrived yesterday right on Jeff's birthday. He saw her first and decided to get her. I was surprised that he wanted to spend that much, but she is worth it. He has good taste. It is hard to find R.Ann and Andy minis so I was lucky to find a couple more at the shows. I am building my collection slowly but surely. The doll of course is the biggest mini I have. But she is so delicate, we are going to get a dome for her to live in. Can you tell that I am excited that she is here!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

mini find at rummage sale

Here is one of our bleedinghearts. At least one branch of it. I took this picture about 1am. This plant is loaded with flowers. We have this one (old fashioned), yellow leafed with pink flowers, a white one and 3 different fringed leafed ones. It is so nice to see all the plants emerging from the ground.

This is the mini find. It is alittle less then 1 inch scale, but it should make a nice conservatory. It is white metal. I have to put some "glass": in the top part yet. The bottom half has "glass" already. I will have to paint it to freshen it up some. It opens from the top. Roof is hinged. A bad picture, but you get the idea. $5.00 deal.
Sorry I have been so quiet. Not alot going on here since we got back from the shows in Chicago. But sometimes that is good. Gertie was very happy with her purchases. Hugs, Teresa

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gertie in Chicago (miniature doll)

Here is Gertie in Chicago. She enjoyed her stay at the Marriot. She relaxed with a big glass (for her) of diet Coke. You have to watch that figure you know.
She had a great time at the Bishop show and the Brookfield zoo. She especially liked the skinks and the large sea turtle statue. Also had a great time laughing at the chimps antics.
We managed to find alot of miniatures to bring home. The dove stained glass is one that my hubby decided we needed. Now to figure out which house, new or old, to put it in. I did find some more Raggetty Ann and Andy's for my collection. I love the turned vase. Pretty much everything except the furniture and rugs came from the Bishop show. The furniture and rugs I found at an extremely good price at the 3 Blind Mice Show. Also the wolf and deer head. All and all it was a nice relaxing 3 days. It was so nice to get away. We also have a Marcia Backstrom doll that we ordered. Actually we didn't have our checkbook and she doesn't take charge cards so we had to send her a check when we got home. Hopefully our little girl will arrive home soon. Can't wait for next year! Hugs, Teresa

Friday, April 16, 2010

If your at the Bishops show...Chicago

Look for me. I will be in a blue shirt with eeyore on it. We will be there on sat. I don't know if we will get to any of the other shows. Can't believe that it is here!! Seems like I waited forever!
Dropped the dogs off at the vets to kennel them for the next few days. They love the play-time that we pay for. Also a chance for them to see other dogs. But they didn't look to sure when I said goodby. It is always hard to leave them. Luckily it isn't often. Last time was 2 years ago. One reason we board at the vet office is that if something happens help is there. Why do I always feel guilty???
We leave early tomorrow morning. We should arrive at the hotel by mid morning. Hope to see someone from here or the Greenleaf board. Have a great weekend what ever you do. Teresa

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Aunt Gertie in Chicago? You vote. Go or stay home!

Aunt Gertie has found out about us going to Chicago! She has started to list what she all needs in her house! The list is getting longer each time I look. Now she is saying that she should go along...not in this lifetime...! I think the next few days will be a trying time. I told her that she will just have to wait until we get back to see what surprises I find for her. She is not happy!! Plus the fact that she will have to stay home by herself. Oh Boy! Lucky she is not like Casey's Tessie and can't just zap herself anywhere she want to go. She said that now that she has a purse she should be able to take her money "WHAT MONEY"! and be able to buy what ever she wants. Living with these little people can be very trying at times!! She also said that if he is going she needs all new clothes. Gertie YOU ARE NOT GOING!! She said that she won't take up much space and will keep quiet!! LOL. You know it might be fun to take her. Show her the big "bad" world! HMMM I will have to rethink this. Jeff will think I am nuts. LOL. O.K Gertie how did you get into my brain and plant that thought!
Hugs, Teresa

Monday, April 12, 2010

Softies for Shelby

These are the two things I made to send, I hope Shelby likes them. I might do something about the seam in the middle of the pillow yet, I am not entirely happy about that. But it is nice and soft for her to rest her little head on. This was a remnant I had here and thought it was cute. The monkey's hat has a ribbon on it to pretty it up a little. Her dress has Winnie The Pooh characters on it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chicago/ softies

Carey from Softies for Shelby and Chicory Nits is collecting softies for Shelby a little girl on dialysis and has a broken femur. Her mother Lorie has a blog. Little Shelby needs something to smile about and if you are able to participate and make something or buy something to send to her it would be apprietiated. All information is at the above address. I finished mine today. I may make one adjustment to one of the softies yet though. But I am going to get them into the mail this week before I head to Chicago.
Only 5 more days before we leave!! I can't wait!! Staying 2 nights, saturday and sunday. Yes I have mentioned this before. I am just so excited!!! If anyone else is going maybe we can meet. I would love to meet more people interested in miniatures.
It was so nice outside today that I stuffed one of the softies and did some of the hand sewing out there. You wouldn't know that we got 6 inches of snow the other day! Well I need to get a few more things finished, back to work tomorrow. Hugs, Teresa

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chicago International Miniature Show..Here we come

We are going after all. I was suppose to go with my friend, my husband and another lady I use to work with. But my friend has to be in Alabama to help a friend that had surgury and also her friends daughter that had a bad car accident. Please sent out prayers and good thoughts for a full recovery for both of them.  Then my husband decided to surprise me and made plans for the 2 of us to go. We are staying 2 nights (sat. and sunday) and going to the show on sat. and the zoo on sunday. Maybe hit some plant nurseries on the way home monday. WhoooHooo! I am so excited! We are boarding the dogs so it is a little expensive, but we haven't had a vacation in so long.
My HBS order came today. One piece had a part unglued, but it's easy to fix. Otherwise the other 3 pieces were good. One piece is on backorder. Now that I have the windows I can start with the siding. I just wanted to trace the window frames so that I got everything right. I still need a door but can wait until I find one I want.  Maybe at the show, or make one. I am just so EXCITED to be going and also having a vacation. Have agreat day, Teresa

Monday, April 5, 2010

We worked on the bathroom today

We installed the over the toilet cabnet, I don't know for sure what I am going to put on the bottom open shelf yet. Maybe a jar of sea shells and 2 or 3 other jars with something in them. I think 3 jars in all would be best. Like I said I haven't made up my mind. But it will come to me yet. We also put the decorations on the walls.
The sink unit is different for us as it is more like a furniture piece with the arched bottom. Tanner (corgi) has decided that this is a great place to roll his toys!
The shower curtain has shells of course and is blue on the edges and a peachy pink in the center. The peachy pink goes well with the walls.
This is a tile picture of sea turtles that we bought in Hawaii.
Our new sink and counter top with the shell soap bottle and toothbrush holder. The fish in the corner is a heavy glass one that I bought in the gift shop at work. the mirror has flowers etched around the border. Just a few things to do for decorations yet and the bathroom will be done.

That was pretty much our Easter. We did have ham and twice baked potatoes and a broccoli salad that I make that Jeff loves. But it sure is nice to have 3 rooms done and updated. (the master bedroom was done a few years ago).
Well I guess I had better try to get some rest tonight. Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Blessings to all my friends

Happy Easter everyone!!! This is what I am looking forward to this summer. This is part of our back yard. I took this picture from our house roof. The plants are just starting to come up after their winter nap. I can't wait to see how much they will grow this summer. I know that either this year or next year we will have to devide the daylilies.
As you can see we have many different colors. We have about 45 different daylilies. All different. This is the biggest patch of them that we have, the rest are scattered around the other flowerbeds. July is such a colorfull month!
I used my 40% discount at Hobby Builder's Supply on April 1st. I got Aunt Gertie a 11 drawer trinket chest for the upstairs hallway. I showed her a picture and she is happy with it. LOL. I have wanted that one for a long time. It was only $18.00 regular price, I think they took $7.49 or something like that off for the sale. It was my highest priced item so that is what I used the discount on. I bought a few other things, but they are for the HBS contest so I can't tell you what they are yet. December seems so far away, but..., I can start on the inside once my order comes as I need to see how a certain piece fits and how much room I have left for everything else I have planned for it.. I am getting excited to work on it now that I have made up my mind on what it will be and have started to buy and make things for it. Chicago International Miniature Show is 2 weeks away and I can't wait! I still want to see if the lady that had the Raggedy Ann and Andy miniatures is there this year as I want to get more. She had some great pieces last year. I wish I would have gotten more then.
Well I hope everyone has a great Easter and are blessed with good health and happiness, Hugs Teresa