Monday, April 12, 2010

Softies for Shelby

These are the two things I made to send, I hope Shelby likes them. I might do something about the seam in the middle of the pillow yet, I am not entirely happy about that. But it is nice and soft for her to rest her little head on. This was a remnant I had here and thought it was cute. The monkey's hat has a ribbon on it to pretty it up a little. Her dress has Winnie The Pooh characters on it.


  1. Hi Teresa,

    Oh, I love them. I have always wanted to make one of the monkeys. I love the dress so much. I love the pillow also. I wouldn't change it at all.
    I am going to show the picture on the Shelby blog.
    I know she will love both things you lovingly made. Thanks so much.