Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ain't she cute-Doll

This is the Marsha Backstrom 1 inch scale doll that we bought at the Bishop International show in Chicago.I love Raggetty Ann and Andy's so she fits in well. I just love her. We had to wait for her as we didn't have our checkbook and had to send her a check. She was nice enough to save her for us. Our little girl arrived yesterday right on Jeff's birthday. He saw her first and decided to get her. I was surprised that he wanted to spend that much, but she is worth it. He has good taste. It is hard to find R.Ann and Andy minis so I was lucky to find a couple more at the shows. I am building my collection slowly but surely. The doll of course is the biggest mini I have. But she is so delicate, we are going to get a dome for her to live in. Can you tell that I am excited that she is here!!!


  1. She is quite a stunner, alright! So glad you got her but I am still jealous of all of you who got to go to Chicago. Maybe one day I will!


  2. Enhorabuena, por esa preciosidad de muñeca!!!!
    Es un verdero tesoro.
    besitos ascension