Wednesday, April 28, 2010

mini find at rummage sale

Here is one of our bleedinghearts. At least one branch of it. I took this picture about 1am. This plant is loaded with flowers. We have this one (old fashioned), yellow leafed with pink flowers, a white one and 3 different fringed leafed ones. It is so nice to see all the plants emerging from the ground.

This is the mini find. It is alittle less then 1 inch scale, but it should make a nice conservatory. It is white metal. I have to put some "glass": in the top part yet. The bottom half has "glass" already. I will have to paint it to freshen it up some. It opens from the top. Roof is hinged. A bad picture, but you get the idea. $5.00 deal.
Sorry I have been so quiet. Not alot going on here since we got back from the shows in Chicago. But sometimes that is good. Gertie was very happy with her purchases. Hugs, Teresa


  1. The conservatory is will be lovely when you've finished it I am sure.

    I keep my eye out for then to protect my plants before i ship them but haven't found anythign as nice as this.

    One day I'll keep so of my plants myself and do something with them lol.

    The bleeding heart is really pretty.

  2. My mother in law has beautiful bleeding heart blooming in full sun in her yard! And I love the conservatory! Can't wait to see it complete.