Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chicago International Miniature Show..Here we come

We are going after all. I was suppose to go with my friend, my husband and another lady I use to work with. But my friend has to be in Alabama to help a friend that had surgury and also her friends daughter that had a bad car accident. Please sent out prayers and good thoughts for a full recovery for both of them.  Then my husband decided to surprise me and made plans for the 2 of us to go. We are staying 2 nights (sat. and sunday) and going to the show on sat. and the zoo on sunday. Maybe hit some plant nurseries on the way home monday. WhoooHooo! I am so excited! We are boarding the dogs so it is a little expensive, but we haven't had a vacation in so long.
My HBS order came today. One piece had a part unglued, but it's easy to fix. Otherwise the other 3 pieces were good. One piece is on backorder. Now that I have the windows I can start with the siding. I just wanted to trace the window frames so that I got everything right. I still need a door but can wait until I find one I want.  Maybe at the show, or make one. I am just so EXCITED to be going and also having a vacation. Have agreat day, Teresa

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  1. Have a fabulous time!! What a wonderful husband to make such a surprise :)