Monday, April 5, 2010

We worked on the bathroom today

We installed the over the toilet cabnet, I don't know for sure what I am going to put on the bottom open shelf yet. Maybe a jar of sea shells and 2 or 3 other jars with something in them. I think 3 jars in all would be best. Like I said I haven't made up my mind. But it will come to me yet. We also put the decorations on the walls.
The sink unit is different for us as it is more like a furniture piece with the arched bottom. Tanner (corgi) has decided that this is a great place to roll his toys!
The shower curtain has shells of course and is blue on the edges and a peachy pink in the center. The peachy pink goes well with the walls.
This is a tile picture of sea turtles that we bought in Hawaii.
Our new sink and counter top with the shell soap bottle and toothbrush holder. The fish in the corner is a heavy glass one that I bought in the gift shop at work. the mirror has flowers etched around the border. Just a few things to do for decorations yet and the bathroom will be done.

That was pretty much our Easter. We did have ham and twice baked potatoes and a broccoli salad that I make that Jeff loves. But it sure is nice to have 3 rooms done and updated. (the master bedroom was done a few years ago).
Well I guess I had better try to get some rest tonight. Hugs, Teresa

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