Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Blessings to all my friends

Happy Easter everyone!!! This is what I am looking forward to this summer. This is part of our back yard. I took this picture from our house roof. The plants are just starting to come up after their winter nap. I can't wait to see how much they will grow this summer. I know that either this year or next year we will have to devide the daylilies.
As you can see we have many different colors. We have about 45 different daylilies. All different. This is the biggest patch of them that we have, the rest are scattered around the other flowerbeds. July is such a colorfull month!
I used my 40% discount at Hobby Builder's Supply on April 1st. I got Aunt Gertie a 11 drawer trinket chest for the upstairs hallway. I showed her a picture and she is happy with it. LOL. I have wanted that one for a long time. It was only $18.00 regular price, I think they took $7.49 or something like that off for the sale. It was my highest priced item so that is what I used the discount on. I bought a few other things, but they are for the HBS contest so I can't tell you what they are yet. December seems so far away, but..., I can start on the inside once my order comes as I need to see how a certain piece fits and how much room I have left for everything else I have planned for it.. I am getting excited to work on it now that I have made up my mind on what it will be and have started to buy and make things for it. Chicago International Miniature Show is 2 weeks away and I can't wait! I still want to see if the lady that had the Raggedy Ann and Andy miniatures is there this year as I want to get more. She had some great pieces last year. I wish I would have gotten more then.
Well I hope everyone has a great Easter and are blessed with good health and happiness, Hugs Teresa

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  1. Lovely colours on the daylilies, especially the purple and pink ones.
    Have fun at the Chicago show!