Sunday, June 27, 2010


I want to do a winter scene and am wondering what everyone uses for snow. Ground and on the building it's self. All my other builds have grass so I would like to do something different. I probably won't get to that part until fall so hoping I can get something then or before if I get some ideas from you. But then I would really have to be working on this project wouldn't I? I have been so lazy lately. I did do some work on the interior walls last weekend. But my husband was off this weekend so I didn't get anything more done on it. I received the window that I ordered for it so I can finish the outside treatment, then paint or stain it. I just haven't decided on how old I want the building to be. HBS contest, SHHH!  Gerties house (Bellingham Farmhouse) is also waiting for work to be done on it. Lucky that Gertie is so patient. LOL.
The gardens are doing great. Most plants are blooming at least 2 weeks early. Some of the taller flowers have to be staked now as we have been having some driving rains and they got knocked over. Luckily none of the stems broke. But it is so colorful, it lifts the spirits just to walk around out there.
We bought Alice In Wonderland today and watched it tonight. It was very good.
Well back to work tomorrow. Weeknds go by so fast. Jeff is coming down with a nasty cold. I hope it doesn't last to long. These summer colds are the worst. Hug, Teresa

Friday, June 18, 2010

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Our flowerbeds are doing so well this year. Everyday is a new surprise. I love going out each day to see what's new. We have been having ALOT of rain lately, but we did manage to get a few more plants in the ground on monday. The first plant is a false lupine, I just love the beautiful yellow color. The second is a picture of part of the top bed. This was taken from the northwest corner. The beds are huge so it is hard to get all of each bed in one shot. The next is a shot pointing east of part of the lower bed. It is a few years old so it's still quite young. The next is taken from the northeast corner of the yard.  you can see a corner of the veggie bed, top bed and some of the lower bed. And of corse Tanner our corgi had to get involved. Our English Cocker came out after I was done taking the pictures of course. The next one is new to us. It is called an octapus plant. Named after the shape of the flowers. The next one also is new. It is a Missouri primrose. I just love the buds. The next one is a bush clematis. It is just loaded with flowers this year. The last but not least picture is of a statue we bought last year. She looks so cute next to the circle of friends plant. (yellow flowers). Our flowerbeds are getting huge, but we have something blooming from May - Nov. now. I hope you like the tour of some of our plants. Hugs, Teresa
Scroll down to see them for some reason there is a blank spot.

Monday, June 14, 2010

50 pounds of strawberries later...

We made 7- 1 pint containers, and 7- 1 1/2 pint containers of sugar free feezer jam and 9 quart sized bags of whole berries to put in the freezer to use later in recipes.
It was so nice out there when we went to pick them. Not too hot and a nice breeze.Fresh berries taste SO GOOD! Now we have enough jam and berries to last us for awhile. We'll give mom a bag of berries and a quart of jam. She will be happy to get them.
We didn't do too much today. We are on vacation so am just taking it day by day. We did pick up the bigger hose and fittings to make our small wallerfall flow nicer. Luckily our pump should be big enough. It is so nice to be able to get outside, we have been having so much rain lately. We needed some of it as we were awfully dry, but it can stop for alittle while now. That was our day. Hugs, Teresa

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pretty colors...NOT!

On my arm. Last wed. a guy in another department at work came out of a room fast and hit my wrist with the door. Luckily he didn't break my wrist, just a nice deep bruising of the nuscles. So now I am walking around with it wrapped. I have to ice it several times a day and wear the ACE bandage until the swelling goes down and it feels better.
I was going to work on minis today, but it is too hard to work on anything small right now. It hurts to grip anything. Hopefully I can in another day or two. I have off from work this weekend so at least I can rest it. I didn't do alot today except for going to a used book store. I received $28.00 for the books I brought in and used $26.00 to buy more books. LOL! I also went to some plant sales and bought a giant Jack In The Pulpet and an English daisey. I also went to a few garage/rummage sales but didn't buy anything. Just a nice relaxing saturday.
Well off I go to ice the wrist again. Hugs, Teresa