Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pretty colors...NOT!

On my arm. Last wed. a guy in another department at work came out of a room fast and hit my wrist with the door. Luckily he didn't break my wrist, just a nice deep bruising of the nuscles. So now I am walking around with it wrapped. I have to ice it several times a day and wear the ACE bandage until the swelling goes down and it feels better.
I was going to work on minis today, but it is too hard to work on anything small right now. It hurts to grip anything. Hopefully I can in another day or two. I have off from work this weekend so at least I can rest it. I didn't do alot today except for going to a used book store. I received $28.00 for the books I brought in and used $26.00 to buy more books. LOL! I also went to some plant sales and bought a giant Jack In The Pulpet and an English daisey. I also went to a few garage/rummage sales but didn't buy anything. Just a nice relaxing saturday.
Well off I go to ice the wrist again. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Sorry about your wrist..he must have really hit you hard and then sometimes it doesn't take much.. Glad you had a nice day relaxing. Have a good weekend

  2. Oh bad luck, still I guess it could be even worse considering that at least you didn't break it. Please take care are rest up! Lots of reading to do I think with all your new books ;)

  3. So sorry about your wrist! Take care of it! My son rear-ended an elderly gentleman's truck during a light rain this week so although no one was injured--the man did go to the hospital to have his head checked in case--we are looking at higher insurance and repairs to vehicles all around. It's always something . . .