Thursday, March 11, 2010


I came out of work tonight to dense fog. I am glad that I only have about 6 miles to drive. You could hardly see the lines in the road!! Rainy day. We are suppose to get rain until next monday. Better then snow though.
The bathroom is done except for hooking up the sink and decorating also need to get a mirror or medicine cabnet.  Going with a beachy theme. We have a framed 3 tile picture of a sea turtle that we bought when we vacationed in Hawii. Now to decide on what else to put in there.
Murphy was asleep on the couch. He just woke up howling. He does that once in awhile. Really a eerie sound.
There hasn't been much else happening this week. Sometimes boring is GOOD.  Teresa


  1. We have heavy misty stuff today and rain the forecast through the weekend. I worry about my family being on the road.

    But the up side may be that my husband can't get outside so may work on my log cabin (fingers crossed).


  2. Pea Soup lol...haven't heard that phrase since I live in England :-)

    Sounds like you are really coming on with your house.

    I am about to do what you do and combine my house projects with my minis blog...I just don't have time to keep up 2 blogs.

  3. very nice blog,Compliments and have a nice day from Tenerife