Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bathroom shadowbox, etc.

Here is a shadowbox I did for the bathroom. I might put some rope around the edge yet. All in keeping of a beach theme. Notice that each row goes around in a circle. This to me indicates that love never ends. I did it in the style of a seaman's valentine. They had alot of time at sea so they would glue shells in a pattern to send to loved ones. I also have a shelf that I have to stain yet and a small pail that looks rusty on the top edge and bottom to go on the shelf. I am thinking of finding a small lighthouse to go on the shelf also. The bathroom is done except for decorating.
We raked the lawn today,  it is cool but nice out. Actually Jeff did most of it. I am also doing laundry. Luckily we don't have much grass left. Most of the yard is mulched flowerbeds. Huge beds. Remind me of feeling lucky about the small grass areas when we bring in mega amounts of mulch this spring...LOL.
Hopefully work will be better this week. Last week was stressful.
I think I will go work on miniatures for awhile. I want to start gluing the HBS contest house together. I am so glad that I decided to only do that contest this year. The Greenleaf Company one is a little pricey this year. But it is laser cut. Which is suppose to be very nice to work with. It just didn't "speak" to me this year. Even before I knew the price. Now that I work full-time I just don't have the time to get something contest ready in 2 months time.
Well, I guess I had better go fold the wash before I can have fun. Mini hugs, Teresa


  1. It looks really nice :) And I love the sand dollar, they are so "exotic" to me as there's no in Europe, or at least I think so. And can't wait to see your contest house :)


  2. That's really nice Teresa, looking forward to seeing more of the bathroom project :)

  3. What a beautiful seashell creation Teresa! I love it! My mom would want one for her bathroom too! :0)