Sunday, February 21, 2010

Consignment shop, Bellingham Farmhouse

Well the consignment shop that I was thinking about going to has closed. I didn't get to any others so I still need a picture. But it doesn't have to be right at this moment. Half the fun is in the hunt. HMMM if I leave early to go to the Drs office tomorrow I could stop at the first one I went to. It is only about a mile or so away from there.
We bought the vanity, sink and toilet and faucets today for the bathroom. Granite top on the vanity. The store had an excellent sale. No more blue sink and toilet! The bath tub is still blue but the shower curtain covers most of it. Now we can start taking the wall paper off. Then we will be done on the inside of the house, at least for this year. Another month and we can start working a little outside. We want to build an arbor. Nothing too fancy, but strong. Other then mulch we don't have any other big project planned. Then we can plan our yearly road trips to nurseries. We love to go out and see what's new. Nice to get away for the day.
Jeff put the "grass" under the Bellingham Farmhouse today. He wanted to do that before he works on the foundation and makes the house even heavier. We have the stone and morter here. An HBS buy we made last fall. He just needs time to work on it. This winter has been going fast as we were so busy.
I still haven't gotten my HBS contest build kit yet. It was sent out the 11th so it should be here soon. I would like to make a list of things I want to look for when we go to the Chicago International Show in April. One thing on my list will be to scout out the lady who had the Rageddy Ann and Andy's. I would like to get a few more. I hope she is there. I don't see them in mini much. I can't wait to go as that kind of kicks off spring.
Well another busy weekend gone, back to work tomorrow.  Hugs, Teresa


  1. Oh, one of my goals in life is to get to the Chicago show one day! Right now, with one child in college and one headed to college in the fall, it doesn't look very likely for me in the near future!

    Good luck with finding items for your house. That was a lot of fun when we did it 10 years ago now when we built. And I did most of it while DH was working for a very demanding boss back then. I still like everything I chose although DH wishes we hadn't gone with white cabinets in the kitchen!


  2. Your remodeling projects sound like fun and I can't wait to see the Bellingham all finished.

    There's a little bit of sunshine for you over on my blog. :0)