Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Bellingham has stairs....

O.K. I finished painting and staining the staircase in the Bellingham Dollhouse. I think it looks pretty good. I set the staircase in for now just to see how it will look. I painted the spindles. I stuck pins in the bottoms for something to hold on to as I painted them. Then stuck them in the foam to dry. You can see the stained newel post and railing on the plate behind the posts. Also a hint of the mess my table has on it.
This is a picture of the master bedroom so far. The carpet is a match of the darker pattern in the wallpaper and also the wallpaper in the hallway. I still have to make the floor for the hallway. But will wait until I have the stairs in. The wall is straight, it is me holding the camera higher with my left hand. LOL. Like I mentioned before I need to make bedding and curtains yet.

It feels so good to get something done on it. It seems like I put so much energy into the last contest that I didn't have any for this house. But I am pleased with the way it is coming along now.

I didn't do too much else today. Baked another loaf of bread for Jeff and looked at some of the other blogs I go to. Just a relaxing kind of day.

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  1. Teresa the house looks so nice. Great work with the stairs and lovely the master bedroom.