Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally! My muse is back!

I actually got some energy and painted the staircase. I still want to do another coat and stain the stair treads. I think I will like the white paint and brown stain together. I already have a stair runner, if I decide that I want it in this house. Otherwise I will keep it and the matching rug for a future project. I also carpeted one more room. I will probably put a rug on top of part of it to lighten the room up. I love the room, but it is a little dark. My favorite I will decide once I check to see what I have here or once I start putting accessories in. Maybe even lighter colored furniture. I love to play around until I get the look I am going after. Sometimes it goes in a whole new direction though. I just turned the bed and I think that if I make a colorful bedspread or patchwork quilt that might just bring in the extra color that I want. Also window treatments to go with the bedspread/quilt. I think I was just stuck for awhile and finally something clicked and I am back on track now.Now I am anxious to see what I can do with the room. The green matches the pattern in the wallpaper and also the wallpaper in the hallway. It is nice to see it all blend together. YEAH!!!!

I was at Walmart today looking at material as I would like to make some new curtains for my RL kitchen. I made the ones I have in there a few years ago and am getting tired of the whole chicken theme. But as usual I can't decide on what I want to do next. But I know I will see a piece of material that will just jump out at me. That is the way it usually happens. I will check JoAnn's also. I love material. Got that from my mom. She has been sewing since she was small. Her and 2 of my sister's do craft shows. Out of 5 of us girls only 2 haven't followed in mom's footsteps. Not that I am as good at it as they are. I like to sew things, but they LOVE it. It does come in handy though. Now to find that elusive piece of material! I think half the fun is in the looking for it.
Time to get off my butt and get some shut-eye. Mini hugs, Teresa

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