Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I could take...

I could take this weather for the rest of the winter. I actually feels warm out. My computer says 22 degrees F, but it sure feels warmer. I filled the bird bath (heated) and went to get the mail and it is nice and sunny. I have to work today or I might have spent some time out there. It is suppose to be warmer yet for the next week or two.
Open house for the new area at work this fri and sat. Next week they will see their patients in there. It really looks nice. It really was built for the comfort of the patients with cancer. I can't wait to see the roof next year with the gardens. Living roof. Cool!
This will be a short one as I really don't have alot to say. So I will end with a picture.  This is from the Picture Rock boat trip in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is so beautiful up there. A lot of waterfalls and rock formations. Hugs, Teresa

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