Sunday, January 17, 2010


Patience is the companion of wisdom.

Saint Augustine (354 AD - 430 AD)

I am practicing my patience. I am trying to knit a miniature afgan. LOL. I'm not using regular needles. I am using turkey lacers. Used to tie shut the hole in the turkey to keep the stuffing in. They are a little smaller then the smallest knitting needles. Patience comes in as in the fact that I have never knitted before. LOL. I did take a couple of lessons years ago but never used this craft. So right now it is knit a couple of rows and tear it apart as I dropped a stitch or two. But I really want to do this so I will try again and again and again. They say practise makes perfect. But they never said how long I will have to practise.  But I do love to learn new things. Life would be boring if there wasn't new things to learn. Either that or I am a glutten for punishment. I did find this pretty yarn that i think will look wonderful in a mini afgan. It is usually used for socks. I will take pictures when ever I have something to show you. But don't hold you breath as it may be awhile yet. :) I may cast on again tonight but probably won't get much farther as I am so tired. One thing I know about myself is that things go easier when I am rested.
I did get two of the pants hemmed today. The 3rd pair didn't need hemming. I don't know why I had to cut 6 inches off 2 pair and the last one was the right length. It must have been petite and just not marked that way. So now they are all done. Yeah!!!
Otherwise nothing else new here. back to work tomorrow. Teresa

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