Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just thinking and typing...decisions, decisions

It was cooler out today, but still above normal.
I bought some more material for bedding for my dollhouse. Walmart sale material. I really like the patterns. Now to get them made. I am so awful lately about getting things done. I did get a couple of Micheal's Craft Store hutches taken apart to make into upper cabnets. At $1.00 a piece I don't worry to much about not being able to save all the wood from them. Usually they do come apart pretty easily. I  usually use the parts I don't use for small projects. I don't need alot of them in this house. This house is set loosely in the 1920's-1930's so there weren't alot of cabnets in most of the houses that I know of. Usually nothing too fancy anyway. I'm not sure if I will have room for lower cabnets though. Unless I decide to take the narrow hutch out. I would like to keep it in there as I like the pattern on the serving pieces that I have displayed on it. Ok. I am just thinking that I could put a plate rail up and then have one or two counters. I am over-thinking this. I don't usually have a problem deciding what I want to do with the houses.
You would think that I have never built a dollhouse before. Calgon! Take me away!
I now have 3 pairs of pants to hem. I picked up 2 more today. I now have enough for a week. I plan on hemming them tomorrow. Still couldn't find them in short length. Of course they went up in price. But with 5 sets they don't seem to wear out so fast. I figure that I save in the cost of having to do laundry less often. O.K. I told you that I have been lazy lately. LOL. I just read this post over. I really am NOT as air headed as I sound.
I am going to sleep...

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