Thursday, January 21, 2010

Contest results

Well I entered the Hobby Builder's Supply miniature contest. I showed pictures in another post. I didn't win. :( I am waiting to see if I even got honorable mention. But I might not know that for awhile yet. Not that means anything. Just want to see what kinds of entries other people sent in. This was a tough one. I am proud of what I made. I think it was the best one of my entries so far. But I have to say that the more I enter the more I learn. I learn that I can bring my imagination to life. I learn to try different things, to think outside the box. I learn that it is o.k. to stretch my skills and learn new ways of doing things. It would be nice to win....but I just like to compete!
It is cold again. We are suuppose to get snow this weekend. Goodbye January thaw.
I haven't had time to pick up the knitting lately. I promise, when I have something to show you will be the first to see it. But as I said before don't hold your breath as it may be awhile before I have anything to show. But my motto has been...keep learning, you don't know what kind of adventure is awaiting you. Keeps the old brain cells active. LOL. Now to get the brain cells and my hands to cooperate.
Well another ending to a nice day. Hugs, Teresa

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