Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hi everyone.

Busy morning. I thought I had better vacumn as with a corgi there is always an abundance of hair. Plus being an active herding dog he makes vacuming very interesting. You have to put him ouside or put up with you vacumn going in every direction, except the one you want it to go. He can find the smallest part and grab on and then it is a free for all as he tries to drag it around the room. Luckily it doesn't last very long. He is very strong and can really move it around!! With him life is a big adventure. I feel sorry for a cow if he ever came upon one. The poor thing would probably be pulled around by one leg! I know that he can really try the patience of the English Cocker. It like having two kids sometimes. "Mom Tanner won't leave me alone" But when Murphy is in a playful mood look out. He can give as well as he gets. It sounds like a herd of buffaloe if your in the basement. But at the end of the day they are snuggled up together. But what would we do without them. LOL.
I am so glad that my rbs are feeling so much better. Not 100%. but better.
It is nice out today. Cloudy and it looks like it could snow, but the winds have died down and it actually feels "warmer". Hey 30's in january are better then the minus zero's we can have.
I did manage to take down some of the ornaments yesterday before work. I had some small boxes up here so I could pack a few ornaments into each one. You can diffently see that I made a dent in the numbers of ornaments left. I'll have to have Jeff bring the box up so that I can do more. Well, I guess I had better think about getting ready for work. Have a great day everyone.

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