Sunday, January 3, 2010


I actually worked on my Bellingham dollhouse. I cleaned it out. I had stored stuff in it as I worked on the last contest. I put carpeting in the livingroom and Greenleaf vinyl tiles in the hallway. I really like the tiles. They were so easy to use. I am going to look at the local home do-it stores and see if I can get vinyl in different colors and just score it to make tiles. This will depend on if the real life tiles are too thick or not. The Greenleaf Dollhouse Store (I love their forum) only has so many different colors. The carpet that I put in the livingroom is a sample that I got when we bought new furniture. I mentioned my dollhouses and the sales lady let me look through discontinued samples. I now have alot of different pieces of "carpet". The piece I used today was enough for one good sized room and some rugs or runners.

Here is a picture of the dollhouse as you can see I have a lot to do yet. I have flooring in 4 rooms now. I have 4 more to go. I would like to do one floor kind of fancy, but stay in the farmhouse theme. I also still have to put wainscot in the kitchen. The stairs are only taped in right now as I have to paint or stain them.
 I baked one loaf of gluten free bread in the bread machine and have another loaf rising by the stove. I want to see what works better with this mix. I don't have a big mixer but it isn't as stiff as regular bread so was able to mix it by hand. The first one I made a few weeks ago I had to knead, but I think the bread came out better. Of course that one wasn't a mix and seemed to work nicer. We'll see after this one is done. I made pumpkin bread with this mix yesterday and that was very good.

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