Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Need to see what acolor looks like in a room

I found this awhile back and thought it would come in handy in a real life home or a miniature house. You choose the color and it puts up a picture of what it looks like. I think you can change the furniture color also, but not sure. But I like as it shows just how light or dark the color actually is. There are hundreds of choices. Not that I counted them as the way they have them is very close togeather. But if you click on a line all the colors come up in that color range and you click on each one to see how they look. I know that I am not explaining this to well. But trust me it is kind of fun to play with.
Cloudy today. We are suppose to get about an inch of snow. An inch I can handle, but not another 16 inches like we received a couple of weeks ago!
I have a 3 day weekend coming up. I really want to work on to work on the Bellingham. One more room to paper. Plus some wainscot to put up, then some flooring to do.
I got my HBS catalog yesterday and there are a few things I am thinking about getting that will fit in with Auntie Gerties way of living. Things that will fit in with the 30's/40's. I am thinking of doing her house in a tough lady who has survived so many tragities in her life. Maybe taking in boarders to make a little money and take some of her boredoom away. Not that she isn't busy with all the things she does in her dailey living. Just nice to have other people around. That is the plan so far.

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