Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Everyone except one of my sister and her family and one nephew and his family were able to make it, 2 nephews were missing also. One because of the weather south of us.. We also have a nephew that mom saw for the first time in about a dozen years or so about 2 weeks ago. He is about 35 now and his sister was able to track him down using the internet. He wasn't able to make it here either. But with having 7 brothers and sisters there were alot of us there today. We always have potluck so there was a nice variety of food. It is funny when we all get together at some point stories of our lives as kids comes up. Mom is still learning about some of the things we did. LOL. My dad passed away 3 years ago and of course stories come up about him also. So there is always things to laugh about. The weather even cooperated as we had rain instead of the snow/freezing rain we were suppose to get. It is almost midnight now and it is sleeting now. Not too bad a fine mist. So I hope anyone still traveling now and in the next few days has a safe trip.
I had mentioned above about my nephew that we haven't seen in about a dozen or so years. He had run away when he was in his later teens and hooked up with a carneval. For years we didn't even know where he was. Some of my nieces, sisters and parents had seen him at a fair about 15 years ago. Then he moved on with the carneval again. We did find out about him living about an hour away at one time until he got wanerlust again. It was very hard not knowing if he was even alive yet. But my mom has always prayed that she would see him again and her prayers were answered. The girl friend he has now has promised that he will be in touch with us more often. Even though I haven't seen him. Prayers were answered. This summer he is suppose to be at fairs within in area of 2 hours of us. So hopefully I will get to see him then.
You will see that sometimes one thought turns in different directions. From Christmas to my nephew. But days like this makes memories come around.
Now I will leave you on this wet night with a picture that I took this past summer.

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