Friday, December 25, 2009

Latest contest photo.

Here is a picture of my latest contest build. This is for HBS (Hobby builder's Supply). This is Queen Nefertiti's room. She is a queen of ancient Rome. I think the cheriot came out pretty good. I was worried at first that it might be too big for the area. I had alot of fun doing this build. Even if I couldn't find the wheels that I had stored away. My husband was kind enough to run to Hobby Lobby and buy me some more while I was at work. He said that it was alot easier then trying to look through all my miniatures. LOL. It did make me organize my stash though and wouldn't you know it they were in the first box I opened! Whoops. But I do need another set for the house that I am working on now. They will be part of the landscaping. At least that is the plan now. In miniature as in life things have a way of changing. I will leave you here with another picture of the contest.You can see part of the fabric doorway. They loved bright fabrics. On the right side there is another statue and a picture. Of course she has to have a fan for her servant to wave over her as she realaxes. It was fun to research Roman life. I wish I would have made her stolla (white part of clothing) a little longer. I might change that yet. Well good night. Teresa

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  1. Love the way your last contest job came out. awesome. I thank you should have gotten at least second place. Linda