Thursday, December 24, 2009

Life is like that

This is my first time blogging. I am hoping to make this interesting. I have just finished another contest in miniature. This one for Hobby Builders Supply. I will try to put a picture in soon. I love coming up with the ideas for the contests. I also am able to try out different techniques. Contest provide me with a chance to think outside the box. I love my houses, but sometimes I need to do something a little different. Now to wait until feb. or march to see who will win. But I feel that we are all winners as we take a chance each time we enter.
I haven't done to much else lately but make bread and figure out what my husband can eat. He has to go on a gluten free diet for 6 months to see if he is allergic or has celiac disease. Or it may turn out to be neither. But he says he feels a little better already. Man those different flours are expensive! But if he feels better it is worth it. Now to try to combine his diet with my diabetic one. At least I can't eat his bread...YUCK. He doesn't mind it though. Old dogs can learn new tricks. LOL Well I guess I had better go get a few things made for Christmas meal. Pot luck so no one has to do it all.


  1. Gertie appears to me to be a lady that had it tough and lived through the depression years. She does a lot of baking and cooking and grows her own veggies. She is a saver almost to the point of being a hoarder, although a neat one. Her house would be very 1930's with the wood cookstove and icebox. Very cozy and comfy and not at all fancified. Loves it when her grandchildren visit. Gail

  2. Teresa, I'm so glad you made it into the blogging world! I've enjoyed my visit to your blog today and am already looking forward to more!

    Have a fantastic day!