Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lazy day today

Just feel lazy today. Got a late start. Been on the computor since. Still trying to figure some things out so that I am not just talking to myself. LOL. Light snow today. But at least the road looks like we didn't get sleet. It could use a plowing though.
I am listening to a Susan Boyle CD and it will probably stay in the palyer for awhile. I am like that I play a CD for awhile and then I put a new one in. (or old one). I had Lady Antabellum in before this one. I really like Susan. Such a simple lady with a beautiful voice. According to her CD jacket she had promised her mother before her mother died that she would make something of herself. I think she has done it! In the cover there is also a note describing what each song means to her. Beautiful thoughts. I really feel that she just wants to sing and let people listen to beautiful music. Hopefully she will be able to centered and love the simple things in life.
Must watch my time as I need to take my blood reading soon. A little high but not to bad. Especially with the holidays here. We recieved alot of candy from my in-laws. I took it with me to the Christmas get together. I handed it out to all my sisters and brothers. I told Jeff that I don't want it in the house. I am not good with all that temptation around! I had one dove candy bar and felt a little sick. I could tell that I am not use to eating candy bars anymore. YUCK! Now if I could just get that way about chips!!! Good during the day, but late at night I get where I want something that I shouldn't eat. Working on that.
Have a good day everyone.

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