Sunday, December 27, 2009

Marley And Me / Gertie

We just got done watching that movie. How sad was that ending!! It brought back memories of when I had to put animals to sleep. I don't think I will be watching that movie again. Unless I need to cry.
Well so far I have had two ideas from people about who Gertie should be. Both have her being an older women who has gone through a rough life. Both times she has lost an husband and one says she has lost a child also. Lost husbands to war,etc. Depression era.  Then another one said that she looks like a man with a dress on. I could put different clothes on her and tie back her hair like some men with their grey pony tails. Still looking for ideas. I do like the widow stories so far. But open to ideas. But I do think that she may get a different hair-do. Not sure yet.

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