Thursday, October 28, 2010

Needed a little color and pretty pitcher

Just needed a little color to brighten my day! Things are a little stressful at work right now. But then again I am my own worst enemy sometimes. I decided today that I will just do my job and not worry about the slackers. But it does get to a person when you and a few others work hard and the ones that slack off keep getting away with it. I received my evaluation tuesday night and got all very proficient markes so I know that I am doing well. We also talked about some of the things that are bugging me and some of the other very hard co-workers he said that things are going to change. ( He also talked to a couple others that work hard). But how often have we heard this! I don't go in and make it a habit of complaining, but evaluation is  "a good time to get things off your chest" as the saying goes. Anyway I am just in a low mood right now. So I bought myself flowers! I should do that just because! These colors are so nice and cheery. Really caught my eye. But then, how can you miss these colors...LOL
Isn't this pitcher pretty? A friend gave it too us for our wedding. There are hand painted clear wine glasses to go with it. Each has a spray of pink roses on it. I'll have to wash them before I take a picture. They don't get used much.


  1. Teresa,
    It would be nice if everyone did their job, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way very often. I agree during an evaluation is the time to talk things over. Just keep it professional and at least you have aired your grievances.
    Your flowers (daisies?) are so fun and colorful. What a good pick me up! The vase is very pretty and how nice you have matching glasses also.

  2. The flowers are very bright and cheery! A perfect pick me up. Think I'll buy myself some! I'm becoming disenchanted with my job. I have to babysit people that make more money than I ever will. We hardly ever get evaluations, but at least my boss knows who does all the hard work. He totally has ADD thoough and is very hard to work for sometimes.
    Love the pitcher you used for the vase. It's just gorgeous!

  3. It is really a good idea to use some colors to pick you up:-) The arrangement looks lovely.