Monday, October 11, 2010

End of summer :(

I will definally miss summer! All of our beautiful flowers, warm weather, etc. But as the saying goes. All things have their season. Jeff has been raking leaves all week. I did help some yesterday and today. But I have to admit that Jeff has done far more then me. I did cut back some of the perennials. I will wait until more die back to do more. With over 200 varieties it takes some time to get this all done. I am so glad that I take A LOT of pictures every year. It shows me how much the flower gardens have grown and also it is so nice to have something colorful to look at in the winter. Fresh snow is pretty, but you do need COLOR. LOL. We picked alot of cucumbers, both straight 8's and lemon. The lemon ones might look like lemons, ut they taste like regular cucumbers. We grow heirloom tomatoes and usually don't get a lot, but with all the rain and heat we have frozen more then usual. Nice for soup in the winter. We also froze a lot of green peppers. We still have to dig the beets. Their are a lot of them also. We'll have to decide on what we want to do with those. Maybe pickle some. I like those. Otherwise we boil them and eat them with butter on them.
I have been working on my HBS, Hobby Builder's Supple, contest building. I am getting there, but I have plenty to do yet. But it is starting to look like something now. LOL. I will post pictures when everyone has sent theiir pictures in. That is mid Dec. I have been working here and there on the Bellingham Farmhouse (Auntie Gertie is happy about that!). She is getting a little impatieent with standing around in unfinished rooms! But will have to get more done before I post pictures as what I have done lately doesn't add up to a lot. Just been kind of lazy.
I don't like the new way of posting pictures on here. I liked it better when you went right to the albumns and saw bigger pictures. Now I just get these tiny pictures to choose from. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
I want to welcome all my new followers. There are so many that I haven't said welcome to yet. Please forgive me for not naming everyone. I am so bad. But I do apprieciate everyone who cares to read what I write.
Well I guess that is all that is new in my world. Have a great week everyone. Mini hugs, Teresa

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  1. Beautiful garden! I'm in Illinois and I've got to tell you - I'm so excited for this horribly hot summer to be over. It was truly unbearable - and the mosquitos put me over the edge. I did have a lot of time for minis because I didn't leave the house. Now that the 60's weather is here my dollhouse is like "Where did you go?"