Sunday, July 11, 2010


I am so stressed out trying to do anything in the Bellingham or the HBS contest. I don't know why. I have never been this indesisive about working on the houses that I have done before. I think that part of it is that I am trying to hard to make things too real. I think with the contest house I need to just work on another part of it and stop trying to figure out the furniture placement....I don't even have the rest of it done yet. I have most of the logs on the outside. Just need to finish the front side yet. Maybe once I get the second floor installed things will come together better. I am just jumping the gun for some reason. Over thinking the build. I promised myself that I wouldn't stress out over this contest, but for some reason I am having trouble with this.
The Bellingham is an ongoing project. I have alot of the rooms "done". I think Aunt Gertie is ready to put on a construction hat herself! It's funny as I don't have alot to do on the inside yet, but the second floor hallway floor is still undecided on. It is like I have writer's block, but more like builder's block.
Anyone else get this way? What do you do?

More rain today! The creeks and rivers are really getting full. But all the gardens look great. The cucumber are looking the best this year then the last fre years. If even half of the blossoms turn into cukes we will be giving everyone some. Actually the whole garden is doing great. This rain has been great for the daylilies. They are just huge this year and still have alot of buds on them. We will have to get out there and stake up some of the other plants as the wet ground has made some of the tallest ones fall over. Especially some of the daiseys and queen of the prairie. I can tell some will have to be seperated next year as the middles are starting to die out. But it is so great to see so much color. I'll have to download some of the pictures I took today between rains.
I am in Heaven. I found a sub sandwich bun that has only 28 carbs! It will be great to have a different kind of bread for my sandwich at work tomorrow. Plus I can actually eat some fruit or pudding with it! Life as a diabetic! Little things can make me so happy! LOL!
Well guess that is it for my day. Teresa


  1. Ya veré ese gran proyecto. Me alegro que tengas el jardin tan bonito. ¡Gertrudis es perfecta!

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