Saturday, July 31, 2010

After the rain pretties

Even after weeks of rain we can find some prettiness outside. I took these this morning while it was still misting out. At least the mugginess has lifted. You can actually breath out there now. A bit cooler also. Just nice to off work today. The last 3 weeks have seemed long. I don't know why, just as many days in a week as other weeks lol. We are picking so many cukecumbers now that I am taking them into work to give to co-workers. I guess they have liked all this rain and muggy weather. Best year for the garden in a few years. I got all my shopping, etc done today so hopefully I can work on mini's tomorrow without interruption. Life is good. Hugs, Teresa


  1. love the flowers, the water droplets just seem to make them more beautiful. linda

  2. Thanks for stopping by to say hi... Your garden looks so lucious and's great when it produces enough so you can share.